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I've been working as a Florida Mobile Notary Public for the past 6 years. Over the years, I’ve encountered several problems that have caused people grief and aggravation that could have been easily avoided. As I stated in the beginning I'm an experienced Florida Mobile Notary and not a lawyer or attorney. I cannot give legal advice. I’m focusing this post on common situations that I’m seeing that can easily be avoided.

Don’t wait until last minute for an emergency health situation or accident to decide that you need a power of attorney. Planning ahead will save you a lot of time money and aggravation.

Don’t assume that all Power of Attorney documents are the same. Some power of attorney documents will remain in effect even if you pass away and others will terminate upon death. You may only want to give authorization for a specific function or lending as institution only and not a general POA to cover all your affairs?

Dose the POA document you’ve have require witnesses? Please don’t assume that hospitals or nursing home staff will act as a witness without asking them. Mobile Notary 24/7 - NotaryAppt.com provide witnesses apron request. We also accept documents that you need printed via email.

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